The All Terrain Crane is a motorized dolly platform used to move the jib quickly and safely for multiple shot locations. Steadicam - Camera Stabilizing Systems. Learn More. Introducing Quadcam, the most versatile way to achieve your stabilized car to car shots. Pro Jib, Inc. - On location. Pro Jib, Inc. - A national Emmy Award Winning Camera Crane Company. Pro Jib, Inc. - On location. See our skills in action. Pro Jib, Inc. - On location.

[Not Just Another Camera Crane Company]

Pro Jib, Inc. is one of the industry's premiere camera crane companies.

Mike Breece is a National and Regional Emmy Award winning Owner Operator with over 30 years experience and 11 Emmy nominations. His credits include The Academy Awards, The Grammy's, and The CMA Awards.

Pro Jib, Inc., in conjunction with Elite Script, is proud to offer teleprompter support for it's clients featuring State-of-the-Art AutoScript software and hardware.